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The Construction Company Dance Portfolio:
a springboard for independent dance companies

The Construction Company Dance Portfolio presents a new paradigm for the 21st Century realities of small to mid-sized arts organizations, using cooperative efforts to engage expansive possibilities and achieve greater results. Each company is self-managed and possesses a unique and individual vision


Association of Performing Arts Presenters
2013 Conference

Visit us in the Expo Hall at Rhinelander Gallery Booth 202

Showcase Information:
Sunday, January 13, 2013
9 am - 3 pm
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's Joan Weill Center for Dance, 5th Floor
405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue)

Information and reservations (not required)


Sunday, January 13, 2013 APAP Performance Schedule

9:15 am B3W/Emily Berry
9:30 am Emily Faulkner Dance
9:45 am danceTactics performance group
10:00 am Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre
10:15 am B3W/Emily Berry
10:30 am Emily Faulkner Dance
10:45 am danceTactics performance group
11:00 am Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre
11:15 am Ariel Rivka Dance
Noon human kinetics movement arts
12:10 pm Movement Workshop Group
12:25 pm Artichoke Dance Company
12:40 pm Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre
12:55 pm Racoco/Rx
1:10 pm human kinetics movement arts
1:20 pm Movement Workshop Group
1:35 pm Artichoke Dance Company
1:50 pm Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre
2:05 pm Racoco/Rx
2:20 pm human kinetics movement arts


Ariel Rivka Dance
photo: Jason Simon

Ariel Rivka Dance Contemporary Ballet/Modern Dance

Ariel Rivka Dance, a Contemporary Ballet/Modern Dance company (NYC), is committed to creating work that explores raw emotion in the context of strong technique and form, using movement to expose and inspire the audience, and prioritizing collaboration with living composers. Her work has been described as having "a freedom and beauty."

Contact Information:
Ariel Grossman
Artistic Director
1 East 35th S
t, 21B
New York, NY 10016

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photo: Renato Zacchia

Innovative movement, music and design collaborations

Featuring "From Behind the Caravan", a new work accompanied by female chorus, and Plastic People of the Universe, meshing movement and design innovation with ecological advocacy.

"Powerful and original movement style loaded with substance and impact." Philadelphia City Paper

"Musical brave and inclined to gamble." The Village Voice

Contact Information:
Lynn Neuman
121 Sterling Place, #2B
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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B3W/Emily Berry
photo: Josef Woodson

Fuses movement, words, music and media scenography

“Memorable, intelligent, strong.” —Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body

“Clear expression of idea in movement” – Maura Donahue, Culturbot

B3W creates multi-layered performances through collaborations with actors, writers, composers, dancers, and media artists.

Contact Information:
Emily Berry
Artistic Director
89-10 35th Ave. #B1R
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
347 331-6804

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danceTactics performance group
photo: Julie Lemberger

Intricate yet exquisitely simple and supple movement

Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times hails danceTactics performance group by Keith A. Thompson for its ability to "show dance as a reason unto itself", relaying sheer kinetic energy enlivened in unexpected pathways. Thompson's unique ability to orchestrate fresh, vivid interactions on stage sets the scene for an abstract telling of humanity's story.

Contact Information:
Keith A. Thompson
Artistic Director
1050 George St. #6M
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
347 463-2657

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Dušan Týnek Dance Theatre
photo: Julieta Cervantes

Striking … intelligent and inventive dancemaking

Named one of the Top 5 Dance Performances of the Year by the NY Times, Tynek's work is regarded as "brilliant...intelligent...full of imagination and originality…an undoubted talent…the work of a great choreographer with daring, impressive dancers."

Contact Information:
Dwayne Linville
Executive Director
415 Ninth Street, #54
Brooklyn, New York 11215
718 249-7708

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Emily Faulkner Dance
photo: Julieta Cervantes

Improv-inspired, delicacy with physical prowess

In "Default" Faulkner and Tenbeth-Ward create a duet of inventive movement that shows both delicacy and physical prowess. Bodies hinged around each other or themselves, "their complimentary behavior gives off a charge" - Brian Seibert, NY Times

Contact Information:
Emily Faulkner
Artistic Director
525 West 22nd Street, #5A
New York, NY 10011
212 242-7768

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human kinetics movement arts
photo: Harry Schnitzler

Slow motion elegance in fabric transforming spaces

"… a bravura performance… an extraordinary dance... beautifully nuanced…" THIS WEEK IN NEW YORK

Ever evolving 'fabric landscapes' with time-bending subtlety amplify the environment, creating otherworldly magic. Inspired by the architecture, the site-specific installations by choreographer Yana Schnitzler invite the audience to get lost in the poetry of the moment.

Contact Information:
Yana Schnitzler
Artistic Director
20 Exchange Place, #3003
New York, NY 10005
917 620-6693

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Movement Workshop Group
photo: Stephen De Las Heras

Leslie Guyton's award-winning NY dance theater co.

Award-winning NYC dance theater company led by Leslie Guyton. Its newest work Racine D'or is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated zydeco musicians Cedric Watson et Bijou Creole. It is available for touring starting in fall 2013 and requires up to 10 local dancers at each stop along the tour.

Contact Information:
Leslie Guyton
Artistic Director
100 South 4th Street #4J
Brooklyn, NY 11211
908 447-7554

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photo: Anna Friemoth

Outlandish, empathic, choreographed universes

"A refreshing alternative" (J. Rockwell, The New York Times)

Idiosyncratic movement meets tactile explorations of everyday materials - clay, gum, wood - in unpredictable, wry, poignant visits to outlandish universes. "[the gum] pulled living, breathing, quirky humanity through space, and vice versa." Will Weiss, ABCNY

"Heavenly . . . crazy" J. Burmeister, Berlin

Contact Information:
Rachel Cohen
Artistic Director
109 N 9th Street 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11249
917 584-3263

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Same Planet Different World Dance Theatre
photo: Bill Frederking

Not only superhuman strength but kid-glove finesse

SPDW Dance dances a broad range of aesthetics illuminated by the company's versatility, athleticism and accessibility. SPDW is a ChI-based contemporary dance co that has received acclaim for its rich and diverse repertory. "Not only superhuman strength but kid-glove finesse." SPDW presents the works by established veterans and up-and-coming innovators. 

Contact Information:
Joanna Rosenthal
Artistic Director
Same Planet Different World
3924 N. Richmond St.
Chicago, IL 60618
773 550-6533

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